This site, LottoResults.ph, is just what it claims to be—a site on lotto results in the Philippines, as legalized by the government. It publishes the latest lotto results derived from the draws conducted by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), the official lotto administrator and regulator in the country.

Information Only, Not Promotion

Everything on this site is given only for information and the personal use of our users and visitors alone, especially lottery players and persons interested in lotto in the Philippines. The site does not in any way promote lotto playing or encourage anyone to engage in the same, especially excessive betting. We cater only to those who are already into lotto games.

And even among long-time lotto players, Lotto Results Philippines encourages them to be cautious with their engagement and to be moderate with everything at all times. We definitely discourage illegal lotto games and anything that is connected to lotto plays but is prohibited by the government.

We also strongly prohibit minors from visiting or using our site and we hold parents responsible for their children on this matter. It is their accountability to keep their children from visiting our site and to watch them each time they are online.

On Lotto Play and Results

This site, Lotto Results Philippines, publishes nothing but lotto results and updates that the PCSO itself publishes. The site may also post some relevant articles or news on the matter and perhaps share some tips on practical lotto playing. However, to be sure, the site does not conduct its own lotto games or produce its own lotto results. It subscribes only to the lotto games that the PCSO conducts and operates and strictly abides by its rules.

We make sure that what results we publish on our website are accurately copied from the PCSO results. Thus, for any discrepancy, we advise users of our site to consult directly with PCSO. If per chance there be any inaccuracies on our part, we shall carefully check the details and immediately make the necessary corrections.

However, let all users know that we publish results for free so we are not responsible for any unfortunate errors, omissions or even interruptions in service. We are also in no way responsible for any losses on the part of our users as a result of their engagement in lotto games and in their use of our site, LottoResults.ph.

But rest assured, our researchers, editors and staff are doubly careful about the details we publish, making sure lotto number combinations we publish come straight from the PCSO draws. For any questions on this matter, please feel free to use our Contact Us page.