Privacy Policy

The following is the Privacy Policy of the site, This is how users’ privacy is handled, especially when they need to share their private information on the site. By just using our site, you express consent to complying with our Privacy Policy.

Collecting Personal Information

Personal information of users is collected, especially when they register on our site by filling up the registration form. No user can post anything on the site without first registering. This helps us make sure that we can easily track the users in case they need more assistance with their posts or do something contrary to our Terms of Use or Disclaimer that will affect the usefulness of their posts.

When also availing of our products and services, users will have to share their personal data and some measure of their privacy. We usually ask for your name and email address. As visitors, even without registering on our site, we may also collect some information from you now and then through cookies, if ever we decide to use them. We’d only do this to make your experience on our site more convenient and helpful.

What We Do With Information

Here’s what we do with your personal information:

  •         Help you personalize your experience with our site. With such data, we are able to quickly respond to your need as an individual user.
  •         Improve our site. The information and feedback help us see what we still lack.
  •         Improve our customer service and support.
  •         Hasten transactions. Your information helps us improve and expedite whatever transactions are needed to be done on our site.
  •         Send user-friendly emails to help you further with the use of our site and share other information you may need.
  •         For promotions, surveys or contests we may do in the future.


Don’t worry, the Lotto Results Philippines site keeps your information or data secure at all times. We understand the need to protect personal information online as it is susceptible to stealing and malicious misuse. We shall only disclose such information in case of a national emergency that would require websites, by law, to disclose all their information.

Third Party Links

You may find third party links on our site. These are links or banners or images that take users to another external website when clicked. They may be found on our site solely for the purpose of sharing information only. They may help users or searchers find more information they need. However, we don’t own them and we’re not responsible for them. If you click on them and are taken to another external website – and have your personal information collected there as well – we are not responsible anymore in any way.


We will edit, change or replace this Privacy Policy with an entirely new one anytime we want without prior notice to our users or members. Therefore, we advise users to check our Privacy Policy before using our site in any way.

Please contact us for any concern or inquiry.